Ariel Bra Cup as a Bikini Top

I have a love/hate relationship with swim spandex. I mainly love hating it. I think because it is so stretchy that I dislike it so much. I love stable fabrics that do what I want them to do.

Despite my dislike of swim spandex, I do love the color combination of this set. I altered the pattern for a floating cup design otherwise called frameless. I also utilized the molded bra cups in my stock for this design.

I did mess up a few bits, and reshot some of it, so there might be a little jumping around a bit in the videos, but I show some really good info on there on how to alter the patterns. I had considered adding those construction steps to the standard instructions, but decided not to. The instructions with the pattern are sufficient for constructing the pattern as-is, but you can watch the videos on altering the patterns or follow my drafting book Bare Essentials: Bras.

Enjoy the videos.