Silent, but Busy on the Home Front

I know I have been silent lately, but I have been working on some big things. As you can see, I gave my website and blog a facelift, a much needed facelift. I believe it is more mobile friendly now, so be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues with either.

I also created and developed an online course website with a PolyPattern Training Course. I plan to begin working on some courses in conjunction with my bra making book release, but more on that in a bit. It took me a while to get it right, but at least I will no longer be working on web design for 3 websites so I can focus on what is really important.

Another big project I have been working on for several months is to create a full product catalog to make it easier for everyone to see my product offerings under one cover. There will be a few new products I’m adding to the catalog in about a month, so I’m only going to be offering a few printed catalogs in the meantime, but that still will be a few weeks away.

I have a big underwire shipment coming in a few weeks with three new underwire styles which I am really excited about. But unfortunately, with all the imposed tariffs from our current president, my wire prices have gone up a bit and I have seriously reduced the markup to keep the prices reasonable. (In a related note, we have been actively researching to develop our own wire bending machine, but haven’t had a chance to really research the available material in the US for making custom wires.)

Here is our present catalog. Not sure why it is showing link text in Chinese, but I’m hoping to get to the bottom of that too.

As if designing/redesigning three websites and creating a catalog isn’t enough work, I am also actively testing my new drafting instructions for bra making and I believe I have create two successful calculations to determine the horizontal and vertical bust measurements for drafting based on 5 simple measurements that everyone can take. I’m just waiting to confirm with a few more testers before I declare it confirmed.

The next step to work on in my book is my pattern manipulation instructions, but I feel like I need to have my block drafts perfected first. I’m almost there.

AND…..I am also working on some new bra patterns. I know I state I have been working on these for a while, but in the process of all my book research, I have decided to offer a set of patterns for various different wire types and sizes as well as variations for torso shape and bust depth. It has been a fun project, just ask any of my testers.

I plan to release the cups and bands separately as they will be designed to be mixed and matched with new designs. I have so many variations for both, it is proving challenging to figure out how to split them up. I have been working on the band range initially.

My first pattern set is for the regular wire in band sizes 28 through 52. Each band size has 8-10 variations for wire size and 3 variations for torso shape, from tubular to v-shaped. This accounts for chest measurements that are larger than underbust measurements.

I’ll be working on the band patterns for the vertical wire and my flat vertical wires as well as bands for all my new wires – the long vertical, short vertical and demi. With the demi, I plan to create two bands – one for a traditional demi wire use and one more vertical in style for larger bust sizes. Those two will be the last I work on.

AND…………..In addition to all of that, I have been trying to downsize my product offerings of items that are not intimate apparel industry related. It has prompted me to completely re-organize my sewing room to make it more functional for myself, for my daughter and for being able to bring students into my studio for workshops. Here are a few photos of my new workshop layout.

I know sometimes I say I plan to do things, but you may not see things happening. Always know that there is never “nothing” going on with me. Stay tuned and you will see some amazing things coming your way soon.