Monday, January 22, 2018

Teach my sewing classes - Session 1 now available

As you know I closed my store before I moved back to Florida. I have no intentions to open up a new store here, but I think sewing is an important skill to have, so I am releasing all the training videos I did for my employees. This first set is our Sewing Session 1. Future ones will include my Sewing Session 2, pattern drafting and illustration. The pattern drafting and illustration won't be released until the books are completed that we used for them.

The videos will NOT be monetized on YouTube mainly because we filmed them in our shop and music was playing in the background. But we can release them for free viewing. There is a lot of information on there. On our website under downloads, I am offering the course material for a small fee to cover my time for putting all this together. Once you purchase the set once, you can use it over and over again for your classes and your students. If you wish to contribute additional funds, you can always purchase additional downloads at your discretion.

The pattern used in the course I tiled so you should be able to print on regular letter sheets. Just make sure to de-select the "fit to page" option or your pattern will not go together well. If you have a plotter printer, you can always open the file in Adobe Illustrator and alter the page size.

The videos were made early on when we were first developing this class, so some things have changed from the current and revised syllabus. After teaching this many many times, we settled on the syllabus included in the teaching material. Some items are not talked about in the videos, so if you have questions about how to present other material, go ahead and ask them either here or on YouTube.

If you are planning on teaching this course, we would recommend charging $45 per session per student for a total of $360 per course. We had the overhead of the store and only broke even after we had 3 students attend. Because I was so passionate about teaching the world to sew, I often took a loss with only 1 student. This is all up to you. We included the supplies with the course material. If enough people show interest, I would be happy to share how to price a class based on overhead.

We still have some of the sewing supplies for sale on our website, but we are selling through them fast. If you would like us to purchase and put together kits of all materials your students will need, just send me a message through my website and I will see what I can do to accommodate your request. We would need to have an order for at least 6 kits.

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