Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Creative Day 42 of 45

If you are looking at the dates, you are probably noticing they aren't really on the days they are supposed to be on. I worked my brain pretty hard yesterday doing some pattern grading on some bras. It was pretty intense to the point that I couldn't speak in sentences that made sense.

I did accomplish something I had been striving for - finding a pattern in grading that I can take to other projects and then write updated directions for my bra book. I've learned a fair amount about bras since I wrote my book so I am planning on releasing a second edition fairly soon.

Luckily I already updated the book for the previous set of changes I made, I now just have to sit down and update the grading portion. Oh what fun, I say sarcastically. As for creative challenges for yesterday, I'd say that the pattern grading was it. It was humoring the mathematical OCD part of my brain.

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