Saturday, January 24, 2015

Introducing our Start-up Development Package

We have been growing our little business, just as many of our clients have. We offer development services and small scale production, but we keep encountering small businesses that need more than just the service of development or the service of production.

The journey to start your own business is just crazy and overwhelming. Because of this, we have created a little Start-up Development Package to help designers understand the full process of getting a concept to the production room floor. I have been on all sides of the spectrum, as a designer, an educator and as a service provider.

The sole purpose of why I wrote the book Fashion Unraveled was to help others understand the process that I found so difficult to navigate. Our start-up package takes development services one step closer. The idea is that we include everything, and I mean everything for a flat fee for one single garment.

The package includes a copy of Fashion Unraveled, a Technical Package, Pattern Development, Muslin Test Fit, Pattern Changes, Pattern Grading and a Showroom Sample. The price is $400 for a garment containing up to 5 unique pattern pieces. Garments over 5 pattern pieces are charged an additional $65 for each unique piece. For example, a skirt containing 6 pattern pieces will cost $530.

We have some additional services you can add to the package including providing a fit model and full fit session, additional pattern changes and muslin fit samples, and production samples.

Let us help you get your business started!

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  1. Dear Jennifer, thank you for your books! I have the kindle versions of bra and underwear books. I was looking for downloadable patterns on the site mentioned in the books, but could not find them. Could you please direct me with the link?

    Thank you!