Delays, always delays

I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch and finished my sew along. I dropped my (brand new) personal computer and haven’t been able to work on finalizing my patterns. The one time I don’t buy insurance is the time I actually need it. That will teach me!

I have also been completely swamped with work. I have been a bit overwhelmed with work these days. I’m actually looking for a fashion design instructor to take over teaching for me to let me write the actual lesson plans and finish my book. I am also looking for a seamstress to help take my business to the production level I need.

Its always something, right? I’m going to try to work with the Workforce Development Department to see if they can help me get the employees I need. There are some great programs I’m learning about through them, so cross your fingers I find the people I need.

I’ve only been in my current space for about 4 months, but I’m already looking to expand and get a second space where I can move my development and production business. I’m just trying to be cautious and expand as I see fit. I’m still a little overwhelmed that I have 2 employees and am looking for 2 more. My greatest fear is not being able to make the rent and payroll. I just have to think positively and know I will succeed.

Anyway, I am very busy working on finalizing my patterns for the 3 piece cup. I’ve also decided that I’ll be selling each size separately for $1. It was just getting really complicated for me to compile the files. I am also going to be starting with a smaller range, not including the AAA, AA and on some the K and L. I will add these as I can, but I need to modify my band patterns even more to accommodate the larger and smaller sizes. I will take requests for additional sizes once my full range is published and available for download.

Other than that, on a personal note, Emily just moved into a big girl bed and is taking stairs completely on her own. Potty training is up next. Oh what fun that will be.

Chart Changes to Bare Essentials: Bras

I’m so glad I have been using testers to help me determine the fit of my 3 piece cup. After collecting everyone’s data, I realized every person’s size was off by 2 cup sizes. I used the wire and cup size chart from my book and low and behold, I find a mistake.

I don’t think it would affect the drafting in the book, but I did discover that my numbers for the bust diameter is off by 1 full number. For example a diameter of 11.5 would actually be 12.5 on my chart. That could be causing people to be using the wrong wires or making the wrong size.

I just can’t believe it has taken me nearly 3 years to find this mistake. I don’t know how big of a difference that will make since many people had a hard time taking accurate measurements of that amount.

I will definitely be updating the book by the end of the year.

For all my testers, I’ll be sending you the updated patterns by the end of the weekend. I’m almost finished with the full pattern. I just have the back band to complete.