Just Trucking Along

I feel like all my updates on Facebook and Twitter these days are all Emily related. I’ve become one of “those moms.” I’m sure I have people blocking my feed because I post so many pictures of the munchkin and share in all the new experiences she is discovering.

She has discovered she can grab things and has put both a lemon and an apple slice in her mouth. The look on her face from the lemon was priceless. She did enjoy the apple, although she’s still too small to actually try eating it, but I’m sure that day will come very soon.

We have started to figure out a schedule with her being at the store, although I still have trouble getting her to take naps when we are there. She entertains herself quite a bit, so I can start doing things at the store.

I have a friend who has been down on her luck recently and we have invited her to come stay with us for a little bit while she gets back on her feet. The great thing is, she is a seamstress and loves kids, so that means I might actually get stuff done at the store in a reasonable amount of time.

I have been teaching myself sewing machine maintenance, which is pretty cool because I have been purchasing “dead” sewing machines for the last year with hopes of resurrecting them. I have successfully resurrected 5 from the dead and they will be available for use in the sewing studio.

I’m hoping the sewing studio will be done soon. I really want to be able to offer its use. We have 4 large pattern tables already made and will have a total of about 12 sewing machines including one or two sergers. We have finally become partners with a dress form company so we will soon have dress forms in a variety of sizes for use in the studio as well as for sale.

There is really just so much I’m trying to accomplish with the queen of time suckage fussing in the background. I have been trying to actively photograph everything in the store so all merchandise will be available in the online store. That just seems to be time consuming and a half.

Lets see, what else? Oh yeah- we are going to be offering a summer sewing camp 3 times this summer for kids and pre-teens. And the most exciting part of it is, I plan on hiring 2 people to help me. One person for the classes and one person to watch the munchkin. I have always wanted to be an employer like my parents, and now is my chance to do it.

I have also been planning a few lingerie design bootcamps, which are week long intensives in lingerie design. These will be offered in September. The advanced bootcamp isn’t on the books yet, but it will be planned for either October or November as a 2 week intensive collection development.

Other events: I will be doing a couple sewing machine clinics where I will show individuals how to work their sewing machines, adjust the tension, change the needle and keep proper maintenance on them.

OK. That was a lot of updates. Maybe this is just for my sanity, you know, writing it all down. The next thing I need to do is get the word out about the shop and all our offerings.

Visit us online at www.porcelynne.com or at our shop Porcelynne’s Fabric Boutique, 1915 W. Redlands Blvd, #107, Redlands, CA 92373.