Time is flying by

These last 4 months have just flown by. My little Emily is getting so big. She is sleeping through the night and making all sorts of funny sounds in the hours she spends awake. She keeps smiles on our faces all the time. Her smile makes my heart melt every time.

I wrapped up the winter quarter at FIDM last week and don’t have plans to teach any more classes there for the immediate future. It’s nice to realize that I don’t have to do that 2.5 hour commute at 5am for a while.

More importantly, we have been working on the store. The painting is pretty much all done. I have lots of touch ups to do but that can be done at any time. We started building the fixtures last weekend and I have to say that they look mighty good.

I’ve been ordering specialty corset making supplies as well as diaper making supplies. Yes, I am tired of spending top dollar on those gDiapers that she keeps outgrowing. I haven’t sewn anything outside of school in over a year and I’m itching to do so.

I just want to be open already! Impatient, I know. I’ve actually arranged for a baby sitter for a few days this week so we can get more things done. Emily puts a serious damper on accomplishing tasks.

The countdown to our opening has begun. We plan to open our doors April 3rd and do a grand opening sometime in May when I am satisfied with the state of the store. Let’s just hope people come to the store.