Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Online Class Delay in Release

I have been planning to get my first online class filmed and edited prior to having my baby, but it appears that won't be happening. I have filmed all the demos, but I wanted to film introductions with me introducing the projects and I just don't have the energy to do so.

I have 4 weeks left and I can barely move, let alone breath and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once I feel like I'm not hauling a big rig on my body, I will finish my first online class. Actually, my goal will be to launch about 2 in December, 2 in January, 2 in February, etc.

I'm a little disappointed since I wanted to release my crowd funding campaign after launching my online class.  This leaves one other thing I have to deal with, which is filming an introduction for my Indie GoGo campaign. You may not be surprised to see me being filmed on my couch too large to move.

Last Wednesday was my last day at work and I'm so glad, otherwise I would be struggling today to just walk into my classroom. The question is, what will I do for the next 4 weeks until my baby arrives? I will take ideas.

I guess I could work on more outlines for the classes to be productive. Maybe start a new book on something that doesn't involve me getting up and sewing. I have been wanting to write a little ebook on how to write and publish a non-fiction/educational book.

I have never felt so helpless and lazy, although I guess I'm technically not. I am growing an entire human being inside my gigantic uterus. I think I need a support group for pregnant women in their last few weeks of pregnancy.

Ahhh! I also need to photograph a bunch of trims I purchased last week for my online store.


  1. You have a store? OMG do link it!

    1. I'm trying to secure a physical space for a store, but I have an online store at, my classes for my new space are at and my etsy store is