Good Studio, Hello Nursery

I don’t know why I thought that once we bought a house we’d instantly be able to do what we wanted in our own spaces. I had a semi set up studio space set up and I loved it, then we started remodeling and getting prepared for the baby. Now, my studio is all shoved in the basement with the rest of the furniture that had to be moved for the first stage of our remodel.

Not that I have the energy to do any sewing right now, but the knowing that even if I had the energy I can’t do anything about it right now sucks.

The advantage of having everything in disarray at the moment is the idea that I get to plan my ideal sewing studio. David said he’s going to build me a custom cutting table with compartments for storing all my supplies for drafting. Now I get to day dream.

I get to take the large space in the basement where the sauna was and share the space with the laundry room. The possibilities are endless. What would you want in your ideal sewing space that I need to have? How should  I store my fabric? I love clear plastic bins but those can really add up.

Learning to live with pregnancy fatigue

As much as I’d love to be working on my next book, I’ve had a little lack of energy these days. I also wanted to be working on the tutorials, but the morning sickness has taken over my life. It has just been a struggle to get to work those two days I work.

We are happy to announce that we will be welcoming a little bundle of joy (or a little disruption of my future sleep schedule) in early December. David has been busy trying to remodel the house in preparation for the baby and I mainly just watch him from the couch or the nearest lounging spot.

I’ve had a little more energy having entered into the second trimester, but I seriously doubt any book writing will get done. I hope to squeeze in the tutorials I’ve been talking about as soon as we have my new studio space set up. My old studio space will be the future nursery, so that room is in demolition mode right now.

Its never ending, but I am a happy mountain woman.